We've decided upon our two finalists - from over 2600 entrants for 'Sweetest Job in the World' and now we need your help – with a public vote on their suggested flavours.

CCT Final Flavours 1The two lucky human beings ready to scoop the 'Sweetest Job in the World' are "ChocoGayle" (Gayle Veitch (38)) and Jamie-lee (11) – and both are in choc and awe as they get set to go head-to-head on Facebook ( with the goal of making their ultimate chocolate bar a reality.

From 24th March to 7th April, we are asking you to choose which flavour of bar would be your favourite – raspberry and rose or popcorn and peanut butter. The final decision on who will be our new Chief Chocolate Taster will then be made - with 50% public votes & 50% Mackie's tasting panel tests and some feedback from our retailer customers.

If you had not already heard - The vacancy was posted in response to Mackie's commissioning its brand new chocolate factory in spring 2016. To celebrate, a worldwide search was conducted to find a 'Chief Chocolate Taster' – a vital role that requires a brain choc-full of sweet dreams and the ability to act like a kid in a sweetie shop.

All ages were welcome, with no experience needed for the 12 month vacancy – the only specifications were that the applicant must have a mouth and taste buds, be fruit and nutty about chocolate and spilling with interesting flavour combinations.

If you're thinking this sounds too good to be true, then you're right because the winning candidate will unfortunately also be required to taste test inferior chocolate brands - compensated by receiving a monthly salary of, wait for it... Mackie's chocolate.

Gayle Leitch, creator of raspberry and rose, said: "I've always known I am a human with a mouth, what's more, I have hands which are well practised in unwrapping chocolate and transporting it directly into my mouth – I'm perfect for the role. My daughter, Rose, was the inspiration behind my dark chocolate flavour combination, who wouldn't want a chocolate bar named after them?"

Jamie-lee, creator of popcorn and peanut butter, said: "I'm the chocolate taster out of my family, although my little brother gives it his best shot. I chose popcorn and peanut butter because they are my two favourite snacks - combined they might just take me to sweet victory."

Kirstin McNutt, Head of Development, said: "We were overwhelmed by the response to our Chief Chocolate Taster vacancy, with applicants from across the globe it seemed like everyone wanted a bite of the action.

"Our finalists Jamie-lee and Gayle really raised the bar, not only do they both have taste buds and a mouth but their creations are delicious too.

"Both were invited to the farm where we vigorously tested their ability to taste, lick and sook chocolate and we were seriously impressed. Our expert tasting panel now need a little help from the public to let us know which flavour 'floats their boat' 

To vote for your favorite flavour visit -

VOTING ends on 7th April & we will then have an internal wrangle and mull over the tasting results and flavour poll – and taste some chocolate - and announce the final decision by the 11th April.

We are very much looking forward to working with a new Chief Chocolate Taster in our team!